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Does your group want need an instructor to come to you?  Do you represent a group that is need of fitness leadership? You may be a teacher that wants an exclusive staff session on a one-time or ongoing basis.  You may work in an office that is in need of a fitness instructor for a staff wellness program.  Perhaps you are a stay-at-home parent and you and your friends want to participate in a group class but need the instructor to come to you. I can help out with any of these requests and I am able to offer the following classes at your location:

  • Yoga

  • Bootcamp

  • Abdominal and Cardiovascular training

  • Calisthenics and Core training

Just email your request and you can have an hour of instruction at your work or location.  Contact Bindi with your group size, class instruction preference and location. 

Book An Event For Your Group

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